About Us

Dua Swimwear is a mediterranean-inspired swimsuit and bikini brand. Choosing premium and conscious materials, we design sophisticated and second-skin swimwear built to last and make you feel comfortable all summer long, embracing women empowerment by being your most unique self. Dua’s long-term goal is to make summer easier, more effortless, and also more meaningful.



As a kid, I used to live in Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands. I recall summer as the happiest moment of the year. The island’s crystalline waters and sand beaches taught me not only the love for the sea, but also the respect for the planet.

The Mediterranean has always been my home. All my pictures as a kid have the ocean as a background and feature me in fun bikinis. This is the reason why Dua wants to be both beautiful and environmentally conscious; it is linked to who I am.



More recently, I have also experienced what it is to be a women entrepreneur and the struggles that come with it. That is why the fight for women empowerment is also transmitted in our designs, in our core communication, and in our values. Dua wants all women to feel good in their own-skin, empowered through the beauty of summer. 

We wish to transmit our message through second-skin designs, thought to conform to every shape and sculpt a natural but lifted look. The color palette also recalls very nude and elegant colors, as those found in the Mediterranean Coast, and the details are seamless to avoid too decorated styles. These characteristics are also to make the product more lasting and enduring, since the consumer won’t purchase it because of a transitory fashion. 

The collection is handcrafted in an atelier next to Barcelona, in Mataró. This is a crucial feature to maintain the production sustainable and ethical, and to also keep track of the process by the founders’ themselves. The fabrics we source are also sustainable, using ECONYL® in most of our styles and helping to turn ocean waste into amazing high quality swimwear. Our ECONYL® yarn is sourced from Italy, where it is evaluated as a high quality, durable and sustainable techno-fibre. Our packaging is also as sustainable as it can be, as it is made from compostable materials.


I hope you feel the same way I do, and can help us sharing our love for the ocean by growing our Dua community.⁣⁣
With love, ⁣⁣

Maria xx